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National Taiwan Normal University Graduate Institute of Mass Communication Full-time Faculty Recruitment Announcement 友善列印

Full-time Faculty Position at National Taiwan Normal University Graduate Institute of Mass Communication


I. POSITION TITLE: Open Rank Faculty: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor



Communication industries (in various digital, streaming, and new media configurations), political economy of communications, media theories (illuminating histories, technologies, environments, and philosophies), with professional experiences in journalism or/and other media fields preferred.



1. A Ph.D. degree in communications or other related fields. Ability to teach in English preferred.

2. According to the recruitment principles of the College of International Studies and Social Sciences, applicants must be first-time faculty* or meet at least one of the following requirements:

(1) Have published one monograph in the past three years. Please provide the reviewer comments and proof of publication.

(2) Have published as the first author or corresponding author for two academic articles in SCI, SSCI, TSSCI, EI, A&HCI, THCI, or SCOPUS journals within the past three years.

(3) Have served as the principal investigator in at least two research projects of the National Science and Technology Council (formerly the Ministry of Science and Technology) in the past three years.

*“First-time faculty” refers to those who have not served as a full-time faculty in colleges or/and universities after acquiring their doctoral degree within 2 years prior to this recruitment announcement.



1. Application form (please download at https://www.mcom.ntnu.edu.tw/)

2. Autobiography

3. Scanned or photocopied doctoral diploma and transcripts. If an applicant’s highest academic qualifications are from outside of Taiwan, the diploma, transcripts, and proof of work experience abroad must be verified by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the relevant countries)

4. Teacher certificate of the current rank issued by MOE (if applicable)

5. Doctoral dissertation or representative scholarly article(s)

6. List of works published in the last five years

7. Two letters of recommendation (applicable to first-time instructors); for applicants who hold the position of assistant professor or higher, please provide contact information of two references

8. Three proposed courses and syllabi (not limited to courses currently included in the curriculum; please download the course outline at https://www.aa.ntnu.edu.tw/zh_tw/Forms/coursework/Forms_department)



1. Please log on to the NTNU Personnel Recruitment website at http://pms.itc.ntnu.edu.tw/HireApp/ to fill out the application (List academic achievements in the last five years).

2. Application deadline: Extended to March 12, 2023On a rolling basis

3. Please mail all required documents (PDF) to mcom@deps.ntnu.edu.tw【Email Subject Header: Application for MCOM Full-Time Faculty Position - NAME】



1. Applicants who have passed the preliminary review will be notified by phone and scheduled for an interview. Those who have not passed the preliminary review will not be notified. Applicants who fail to appear for the interview will be disqualified.

2. The process of recruitment and employment is subject to the NTNU Regulations for Faculty Evaluation.

3. The University’s relevant regulations on faculty promotion and evaluation shall apply. For details, please see the National Taiwan National University Office of Human Resources website at https://hrs.ntnu.edu.tw/GoWeb2/include/index.php?Page=A-3-1

4. Contact: mcom@deps.ntnu.edu.tw

TEL: +886-2-7749-5418 (Ms. Jian)

FAX: +886-2-2358-3414

Website: https://www.mcom.ntnu.edu.tw/


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