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Taiwan Alumni Gathered at Twin Oaks to Share Taiwan Study and Research Experiences 友善列印
Data Source: 駐美國代表處教育組   電子信箱:usa@mail.moe.gov.tw

Taiwan Alumni Gathered at Twin Oaks to Share Taiwan Study and Research Experiences

Photo: Deputy Representative Robin Cheng alongside all participants of the Taiwan Alumni event at Twin Oaks.


The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States (TECRO) extended invitations to recipients of the Taiwan Fellowship, MOSAIC Taiwan, Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, and Taiwan Scholarship, as well as representatives from universities and educational institutes, for the annual gathering of Taiwan Alumni at Twin Oaks. Deputy Representative Robin Cheng warmly welcomed all guests, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support for Taiwan.

During the event, TECRO hosted Dr. Elizabeth Larus, a former Taiwan Fellowship recipient, and Josh Pope, a former Huayu Enrichment Scholarship recipient, who shared their valuable research and study experiences in Taiwan. This was followed by an overview of significant funding opportunities in Taiwan by Sophie Chou, Director of Education Division and updates on the substantial progress in U.S.-Taiwan relations by Jeff Wu, Director of Political Division. Attendees relished a diverse array of Taiwanese snacks, reminiscing on their prior experiences with Taiwanese food. Engaging discussions on Taiwan ensued among guests, TECRO staff, and peers in related fields.

The Taiwan Alumni event serves as a vital platform for researchers and students focusing on Taiwan affairs to exchange experiences and offer insightful observations on Taiwan. The global count of Taiwan alumni has recently exceeded one million. In a bid to foster global connections and support for Taiwan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ overseas missions have established 79 TAA locations worldwide.

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