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National Taiwan University seeks a distinguished scholar and an innovative academic leader to serve as the Dean of the College of Bioresources & Agriculture 友善列印
Data Source: 國際及兩岸教育司
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1.Term of office for the current dean concludes on July 31, 2023. Effective from today,

the College has formed a search committee to seek applications and nominations for the position of the 19th Dean of the College of Bioresources & Agriculture.

2.Candidate for the position should equip with the following qualifications:

(1)The candidate must satisfy the College application and selection requirements and related university rules and regulations.

(2)The candidate must have current tenure as full professor in biological resources

and agriculturerelated fields. The candidate should demonstrate foresighted educational philosophy, exceptional academic achievement, high integrity, a record of professional and administrative experiences and leading by example. 

3.The College conducts an open search for applicants and nominees in one of the 

following manner:


(2)Nominated by five or more individuals. The nominators must all have at least 

the rank of associate professor in national or international universities or the 

rank of associate researcher in academic research organizations.

(3)Nominated by academic organizations or alumni associations of the National Taiwan University (copies of meeting minutes declaring the decision for nomination must be submitted).Nominators or nominating organizations must have written consent from the applicant or nominee.

(4)Interested applicants or nominees should either consult the website 

(https://www.bioagri.ntu.edu.tw/form01.php) or through phone call for relevant 

application documents. To ensure full consideration, application package PDF file

must be received no later than noon March 31, 2023 by the National Taiwan 

University, College of Bioresources & Agriculture, Dean of College Search 

Committee. The PDF File mailing address is: leshya@ntu.edu.tw

Phone: (02) 23635889, Fax: (02) 23919626.


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