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    • The Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program (TFETP) was launched by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to recruit foreign English teachers and teaching assistants. The aim of this prog...Full story
    • In order to encourage Taiwan's primary and secondary schools to expand global exchanges with foreign schools, the Taiwan Ministry of Education creates an information and matchi...Full story
    • Explore a world-class education at NTU, where thousands of international students embark on transformative journeys through degree programs, exchange/visiting opportunities, and la...Full story
    • The National Taipei University (NTPU) is a public university in Taiwan with outstanding achievements in law, business, public affairs, and social science education. The Internation...Full story
    • The National Taipei University (NTPU) in Taiwan is a public research university that focuses on innovation, diversity, and social responsibility. They are currently accepting appli...Full story
    • 近期發生數起我國留美學生遭假冒快遞公司或檢警單位等詐騙之案例,其犯罪手法略如下:1.簡訊或隨機電話釣魚;由詐騙集團成員假冒快遞公司人員隨機致電受害者,或傳送簡訊要求回撥緊急專線;2...Full story
    • 為鼓勵台灣中小學校與外國學校締結姊妹校,進行線上文化交流及教學合作,以共同培育中小學生雙語能力及國際視野,教育部推動實施計畫並建置「國際交流櫥窗(International Exc...Full story
    • 駐洛杉磯台北經濟文化辦事處教育組擬招募行政工作雇員乙名:    • 具有美國國籍或永久居留身分。    • 具團隊工作精...Full story

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