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29th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition Open for Application 友善列印
Data Source: 駐芝加哥代表處教育組  

Rules and Regulations.pdf

Entry Form.doc

I. Purpose: To raise the standards of artistic creation and promote international

cultural exchange.

II. Event Organization:

i. Supervisor: Republic of China(Taiwan) ;Taichung City Government

ii. Organizer: Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government;

Organizing Committee of the 29th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition of

Taichung City

III. Qualifications:

i. All domestic and foreign artists.

ii. Participants can apply to multiple categories, but only one entry per

category is allowed, and the same work cannot be submitted repeatedly

across categories.

iii. Artworks submitted must not violate the Copyright Act and related laws

through plagiarism, imitation, commissioning, forgery, or copyright

infringement on other's work. In the event of the above, the violator shall

bear the legal liability. Moreover, the organizer reserves the right to

disqualify him/her from the competition after approval by the review

committee and forbid him/her from participating in the subsequent Da Dun

Fine Arts Exhibitions for the next three years; any awarded prize, trophy,

medal, and/or certificate shall be recalled.

iv. Entries must be works created personally by the participant on 2021 or

afterwards. Works (including works that form part of a series) that have

won awards or been shortlisted in open calls for entry and competitions

(excl. school competitions) are not eligible for submission.

v. Art creations with secondary editions (such as prints, photography,

sculptures, digital art, etc.) shall not be regarded as different works due to

modification or partial adjustment, and shall not be repeated in the


IV. Artwork categories: There are 11 categories, i.e., ink wash painting,

calligraphy, seal engraving, glue color painting, oil painting, watercolor

painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, crafts, and digital art.

V. The competition comprises two stages: preliminary review and final review.

The entries will not be judged if they do not meet the requirements of these

Rules and Regulations.

i. Preliminary Review: Applications can be made either online or on paper.

(i) Online Application: Participants are required to complete the

application on the official website of the Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition

(https://www.dadunfae.taichung.gov.tw/) between April 1 and April 15, 2024.

Incomplete online forms and failed image uploads will not be accepted.

(ii) Paper Application:

1. Please fill in your personal information (including Declaration and

Data Protection Declaration) and artwork information in detail in

the application form. Please provide the application form and

photos through CD or USB. Please make sure each artwork image

is clear and each file is 2-5MB. The file format must be JPEG.

Please rename the documents with your name and title. Incomplete

documentation and incomplete forms will not be processed.

2. Once the completed application form and artwork photos are ready,

please send the CD or USB package to the Visual Arts Division,

Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government at 8F, HuiChung Building, No. 99, Sec. 3, Taiwan Boulevard, Xitun Dist.,

Taichung City 407610 by registered mail. Please mark on the

envelope: "Application for Preliminary Review in ________



(iii) Please refer to the information on entries for the preliminary review in

"VI. Artwork Specifications" for the specifications and quantity of

photos/printouts for the competition.

(iv) All information, photos, CD or USB, and impression copies will not be

returned after review. Please keep a copy before sending.

ii. Final Review: Please submit the original work to the Taichung City Dadun

Cultural Center at No. 600, Yingcai Rd., West Dist., Taichung City


(i) For participants who pass the preliminary review, the list of finalists

will be announced on the website of the Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition.

The organizer will send a letter to notify the finalists to submit their

original work(s) for final review. Failure to submit the work(s) within

the deadline shall be deemed as withdrawal from the competition.

(ii) All original works must be scrolled or framed. If the work is sent by

mail or couriered, please pack it securely. The participant shall be

responsible for any damage incurred during the shipping process. Please

refer to "VI. Artwork Specifications" for the entry specifications for

final review.

(iii) The original entries will be collected and signed off by the organizer.

Receipts will then be issued to the participants, who must use these

receipts to claim their works. The list of winners will be announced on

the website of the Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition and winners will be

notified by the organizer.

(iv) CD or USB will not be returned after review. Please keep a copy before


iii. Da Dun Prize: The first-prize winner in each category must submit three

additional works for reference (refer to VI. for specifications), and the

conveners of the jury in each category will jointly select 5 winners of the

Da Dun Prize, which will be announced at the award ceremony. The

recipients of the Da Dun Prize must attach a certificate of authenticity and

a letter of authorization for use of the artwork, which will be kept by the

Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government. All rights to the

work will belong to the organizer.


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