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Call for Entries for the 55th World School Children's Art Exhibition 友善列印
Data Source: 駐芝加哥代表處教育組

The 55 th
August 7 ~ August 25 2024
Nan-Hai Gallery of
National Taiwan Art Education Center
 Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan)

  1. Purpose
     The purpose of the exhibition is to promote cross-cultural understanding and friendship among the young generation through the exchange of children’s art work.
  2. Organizers
    The Association for Education through Art, Republic of China and the Association of Formative Art Education for the Republic of China
  3. Eligibility for participants
    Schoolchildren aged 3-15
  4. Art Works
  1. Varieties
    Oil paintings, water colors, wood cut prints, pencil sketches, crayon drawings, pastels, collages, etchings, graphic designs…etc.
  2. Size
     Within 55cm X 40cm
  3. Number
    One piece from each child
  4. The following information is requested to be given in English if possible.
  1. Full Name, Sex, Age, Nationality
  2. Name and address of the school or institution. (If you cannot clear custom as organization, please noted it for staff)
  1. Deadline
    All entries must arrive no later than last post on April 15, 2024.
  1. Committee of Judges
     Artists, educators, psychologists, and art educators in Republic of China (Taiwan) as well as several other countries such as Japan, Malaysia, and USA will be invited to serve as judges on the committee.
  2. Prizes
    According to the recommendation of the Committee of Judges, certificates and/or medals will be presented to the selected participants whose works exhibit excellence.
  3. Mail Address
    The Association for Education through Art, Republic of China
    No. 43, Nanhai Rd., Taipei City, 100
  4. Please list the participants in the form provided and attach identification label to the back of art work. For speedy process, please printed in English if possible. The rules can be downloaded from Arts Education Network. (http://ed.arte.gov.tw)
  5. For research purpose on the worldwide children’s art education, we would be grateful if you provide a copy of your plans for art lessons, teaching guides, art curriculum, or any new method/theories you are employing.
  6. Art work submitted will become the property of the Association for Education through Art, Republic of China and will not be returned.
  7. Result will be announced at the Association’s website at the end of July.
  8. Contact E-mail address





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