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U.S. Teachers in Taiwan

Foreign English Teachers Project for Taiwan’s Public Schools

The Ministry of Education, in an effort to provide a better English learning environment for Taiwan students in rural areas has announced a project to bring in qualified foreign English teachers to Taiwan for teaching in public elementary and junior high schools, especially for those in rural areas.

Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program (TFETP) 

Foreign English Teachers: Requirements and Employment Conditions

The requirements and employment conditions for teachers of the project are as below. People who are interested and qualified (having a bachelor or higher degree and a teaching certificate) can inquire our division in Chicago.

  • Qualifications Required
  1. English native speaker
  2. Bachelor’s degree or above
  3. Teaching certificate
  4. No criminal record
  • Employment Period

One academic year or at least one semester.

  • Remunerations and Other Benefits

Air Fare
One economy-class round trip ticket for single.
Two economy-class round trip tickets for family.

Housing Allowance/Dormitory
NT$5,000 for single per month
NT$10,000 for family per month

Health Care Benefits
Health insurance and labor insurance

Monthly Salary ( For School year 2017; depending on teaching experience)
Holders of doctoral degrees: NT$ 73,025~91,420
Holders of master’s degrees: NT$ 69,965~86,820
Holders of bachelor’s degrees: NT$ 62,720~78,045

Teachers who have taught for 12 months, whose annual performance are graded A, are each given an extra month’s pay as bonus; those whose performance are graded B, are each given an extra 1/2 month’s pay as bonus.

  • Living Costs

Total expenses could be as little as NT$15,000 for a single, more realistic to expect NT$20,000~30,000 per month.

  • Work week

40 hours/8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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