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    • The Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program (TFETP) was launched by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to recruit foreign English teachers and teaching assistants. The aim of this prog...Full story
    • In order to encourage Taiwan's primary and secondary schools to expand global exchanges with foreign schools, the Taiwan Ministry of Education creates an information and matchi...Full story
    • The Research Grant funded by the Center for Chinese Studies at the National Central Library in Taiwan aims to encourage and reward foreign visiting scholars in Chinese studies or T...Full story
    • The National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) located in Taiwan's Tainan City, a city steeped in culture and history, has achieved numerous accolades for its research and academic ...Full story
    • Director General Amino Chi was delighted to attend the Grand Opening of the Center for Taiwan Studies at University of California, San Diego on May 6, 2023, and met with Chancellor...Full story
    • 近期發生數起我國留美學生遭假冒快遞公司或檢警單位等詐騙之案例,其犯罪手法略如下:1.簡訊或隨機電話釣魚;由詐騙集團成員假冒快遞公司人員隨機致電受害者,或傳送簡訊要求回撥緊急專線;2...Full story
    • 為鼓勵台灣中小學校與外國學校締結姊妹校,進行線上文化交流及教學合作,以共同培育中小學生雙語能力及國際視野,教育部推動實施計畫並建置「國際交流櫥窗(International Exc...Full story
    • 國立中正大學創校於1989年,設有文、理、社會科學、教育、法學、管理和工程等7個學院。該校提供英語授課的學位課程,致力於培養和吸引國際優秀人才,提升國際競爭力。作為台灣一所卓越的研...Full story
    • 教育部劉孟奇政務次長將率團來美訪問,並舉辦「美國海外攬才說明會」,這次說明會將在華府以實體及線上同步舉辦,歡迎全美留學生、學人一起來參加!說明會中除教育部及國科會介紹我國攬才計畫外...Full story

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