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    • The Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program (TFETP) was launched by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to recruit foreign English teachers and teaching assistants. The aim of this prog...Full story
    • In order to encourage Taiwan's primary and secondary schools to expand global exchanges with foreign schools, the Taiwan Ministry of Education creates an information and matchi...Full story
    • The Taipei Medical University (TMU) has been a leader in Taiwan’s healthcare system since its establishment in 1960. With 11 faculties and 6 affiliated hospitals collaboratin...Full story
    • The National Taitung University (NTTU) is nestled in the picturesque eastern region of Taiwan, offering not only exceptional learning opportunities but also a wellspring of inspira...Full story
    • Are you seeking a unique and inspiring opportunity to study abroad? How about a top research-oriented study environment without worrying about the cost? Look no further! The Nation...Full story
    • 近期發生數起我國留美學生遭假冒快遞公司或檢警單位等詐騙之案例,其犯罪手法略如下:1.簡訊或隨機電話釣魚;由詐騙集團成員假冒快遞公司人員隨機致電受害者,或傳送簡訊要求回撥緊急專線;2...Full story
    • 為鼓勵台灣中小學校與外國學校締結姊妹校,進行線上文化交流及教學合作,以共同培育中小學生雙語能力及國際視野,教育部推動實施計畫並建置「國際交流櫥窗(International Exc...Full story
    • 「臺灣好精彩!」圖文攝影暨短片大賽,是針對臺灣獎學金和華語文獎學金在領受獎學生舉辦的比賽,透過外國學生的視角,將臺灣深厚多元的文化、人情、美景,透過影片、相片及文字,交織出驚嘆與感...Full story
    • 國立臺中教育大學進修推廣部為推動國際華語文教育暨文化交流,秉持專業師資陣容,辦理華語教師培訓課程,課程設計結合理論與實務,包含「教育部對外華語教學能力認證」考試之核心考科。歡迎海外...Full story
    • 在2023年的暑假期間,東海大學華語中心將舉辦一個獨特的暑期營隊,以兒童繪本為基礎,結合穿山甲的故事、生態永續和社區再生的主題,讓孩子們在美麗的校園中快樂學習華語,同時認識中臺灣的...Full story

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