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Taiwan Scholarship

Many efforts have been made to create an internationalized academic study environment in Taiwan, and Taiwan is an ideal study destination for several reasons.

A survey of international students carried out by the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET) found that these reasons include the following: Taiwan provides a high-quality academic environment, rich cultural heritage, excellent living circumstances, reasonable tuition, scholarships, and opportunities to learn Mandarin Chinese, and studying in Taiwan will be helpful for both further study and future careers.

There are many advantages to selecting Taiwan as a place to further your education, including the following:

1. English-Friendly Environment

Taiwan is working hard to create a friendly international and English speaking environment for its international friends. The government has put forth strong efforts for the promotion of English within Taiwan's society. Government offices and public affairs offices have created English and Chinese websites in order to assist individuals in accessing information and services in a more efficient and convenient manner.

2. High Quality Educational Opportunities

The Ministry of Education places high quality education for students at the top of its priority list. Within the last few years, it has launched a number of challenging and innovative programs for its institutions of higher education. Among them are policies for raising Taiwan's international academic competitiveness and for providing more opportunities for foreign students to study in Taiwan.

Taiwan's strong reputation in the field of technological education attracts students from all over the world for the study of bio-technology, computer technology, business, forestry, agriculture, and chemistry, to name a few.

In 2004, the government established "The Taiwan Scholarship Program" in order to encourage promising students from foreign countries to pursue their undergraduate and graduate studies in Taiwan, along with enhancing the focus for educational and academic exchange and collaboration.

3. Low Tuition Costs

Taiwan's universities are able to offer more affordable tuition rates as compared to other international universities because of innovative government policies.

4. Internationalization of Technological Universities

Rapid and innovative technological changes are occurring simultaneously all over the world. Taiwan's technological universities and institutions have earned respect for Taiwan and its developments throughout the international community. Research areas include bio-informatics, information security, open source and artificial intelligence, e-learning and digital content, web services, and mobile computing, to name a few.

5. Economic Progress

Taiwan's economic prowess has gained it recognition throughout the world as it rapidly progressed from an agriculture-based society to an export-oriented manufacturing society and then to a service-based economy. Today, Taiwan is recognized as a major supplier of high-tech goods throughout the world.

6. A Democratic and Safe Environment

A thriving democratic society makes for a safe living environment in Taiwan. Its citizens enjoy right to free speech and freedom of the press. In recent years, Taiwan's residents and international students have witnessed many dramatic positive political reforms. These reforms continue to pave the way for Taiwan's unique political path.

7. Taiwanese Hospitality & Cultural Diversity

Taiwanese are known throughout the world for their immense hospitality and welcoming spirit to newcomers in the community. Many of Taiwan’s inhabitants are early descendants of Chinese immigrants, from such provinces as Fujian and Guangdong. Recently, there has been a strong and growing interest in Taiwan's native or aboriginal peoples. Many efforts are underway to help preserve their culture and traditions.

Taiwan's development can be attributed to its rich heritage of diverse populations and influence. Immigrants from Holland, Spain, Portugal, Japan and more recently, from Mainland China have all played a role in Taiwan's development. While learning about Taiwan and its cultural traditions, these immigrants also contribute to Taiwan their respective customs and traditions.

8. Geographic Beauty

The Portuguese called Taiwan "Formosa,” which means “beautiful island," when they resided on Taiwan during the 16th century. Taiwan's forested mountains cover two-thirds of its total land mass and the remaining area consists of hilly country, open plains, highlands, coastal plains and basins. The Central Mountain Range stretches along the entire island from north to south, along the entire island, thus forming a natural line of demarcation for rivers on the eastern and western sides of the island.

9. And more to come when you explore Taiwan’s many charms…

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