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Mandarin in Taiwan Official Portal Website

Data Source: Education Division, TECO in LA       

The Office of Global Mandarin Education was set up by our Ministry of Education, aiming to integrate the resources of Chinese language education in Taiwan, expand recruitment of foreign students to come and learn Chinese in Taiwan, and lift the international profile of Taiwan’s Chinese language education.

There are 65 university-affiliated Mandarin learning centers in Taiwan, offering a variety of programs in different areas and institutes. The types of courses are designed according to the motives of studying, such as regular or intensive Mandarin programs, winter or summer Mandarin camps, individual classes, online classes, Mandarin travel study programs, and others. By searching the requirements set in the system,  students can easily find courses and a suitable institute to register in.  Moreover, it provides information about accommodation, transportation, scholarships, and many more valuable resources.

Mandarin in Taiwan Official Portal

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