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Request for Chinese Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Data Source: Education Division, TECO in LA       

Mandarin Language Teachers/Assistants from Taiwan Teaching in Overseas Schools (Primary and Middle Schools ) and Universities in Cooperation with Taiwan’s Ministry of Education (MOE)

Taiwan’s MOE has established this sponsorship to broaden and strengthen mutual friendship between the global partners and Taiwan; as well as to assist foreign Mandarin language teachers in the teaching proficiency. 

Eligibility of the teachers’ candidate(s) from Taiwan

1.Having obtained qualified “Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language” awarded by MOE.

2.Must have a bachelor degree or above.

3.Posses teaching Chinese as a second language experience.

Allowances sponsored by Taiwan’s MOE
For universities that recruit Mandarin language teachers, the MOE provides teachers with the following as a supplement to the salary furnished by the universities. Reimbursements and stipends will be paid directly to teachers.

1.Living stipend : USD1,200 per month per teacher for 12 months, can be extended up to 4  years for the same teacher.

2.For teaching assistants: USD 600 per month per assistant for up to 12 months, can NOT be extended for the same assistant.

3.One round-trip economy airfare USD $1,300. (both teachers and assistants).

4.Lump sum teaching materials allowance of USD $300. (teachers only).

Matching sponsorship from the overseas universities

1.Competitive salary

2.Standard benefits (medical, dental insurance and others )

3.J-1 Visa

4.Training opportunities.

Application Procedures

1.A Letter from Interested institutions includes the following messages : numbers of teachers, qualification of teachers (Language skill, degree and others), employment period, salary, benefits, Job description, working hours, target students and others.

2.MOE will publicize the information and the Education Division (Education Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles) will forward application materials from candidates to the hiring institutions.

3.Hiring institutions make the final selection directly from the approved list of candidates provided by MOE. 

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