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2023 “Fabulous Taiwan” Photography and Short Film Contest 友善列印

“Fabulous Taiwan!” Photography and Short Film Contest is organized for the recipients of the Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship, with the aim of showcasing the rich and diverse culture, warmth, and beautiful scenery of Taiwan from the perspective of international students. By utilizing the powerful mediums of videos, photographs, and words, this contest intertwines awe-inspiring and touching moments to present a different facet of Taiwan's brilliance. The event seeks to inspire foreign students to immerse themselves in Taiwan's local culture and promote Taiwan's charm to the world! 

The winner of the 2023 video category is Manuel Munoz Sanz from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, a recipient of the Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship. He expresses, "Before coming to Taiwan, I had no idea of the surprises that awaited me! I feel incredibly fortunate to capture Taiwan's culture, people, traditions, animals, and breathtaking landscapes. I am truly grateful for everything Taiwan has given me."

Let's share the beauty of Taiwan and show its extraordinary charm to the world! 


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