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Request for Chinese Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Data Source: Education Division, TECO in LA       

Taiwan Mandarin Chinese Language Teachers Program 


Taiwan has long been home to numerous institutions devoted to study of the Mandarin Chinese Language. Taiwanese Mandarin, or Huayu, is fundamental to Taiwan’s culture and it is highly treasured. Taiwan’s culture is renowned for its fascinating blend of traditional and modern culture, as a matter of fact, many aspects of traditional Chinese arts, crafts and customs are better preserved in Taiwan than anywhere else. For many years the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been offering the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Program, providing subsidies for groups of overseas Mandarin teachers to come to Taiwan for professional development, and sponsoring faculty-led study abroad programs to Taiwan, as part of its worldwide marketing of the Mandarin Chinese language education that Taiwan offers. 

In response to the growing demand of Chinese language learning, and in order to foster international educational exchange, the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan, in cooperation with universities or school districts in the U.S., supports the Taiwan Mandarin Chinese Language Teachers Program to encourage Taiwan’s professional Chinese language teachers to teach in American universities or school districts, in addition, implements training programs to help prepare teachers for teaching posts overseas. 

Eligibility of the teachers’ candidate(s) from Taiwan

The teachers are highly qualified, basic requirements include the following:

  1. Having obtained a “Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language” awarded by MOE.

  2. Must have a bachelor degree or above.

  3. Posses teaching Chinese as a second language experience.

Allowances sponsored by Taiwan’s MOE 

For schools that recruit Mandarin teachers from Taiwan, the MOE provides teachers with the following upon approval, as a supplement to the salary furnished by the schools: 

  1. Living stipend: USD1,200 per month per teacher for 12 months. May be extended up to 4 years for the same teacher, upon approval.

  2. One round-trip economy airfare up to USD 1,300.

  3. One-time lump sum textbooks and/or teaching materials allowance of USD300.

The above mentioned subsidy will be disbursed directly to the selected Mandarin teachers.

Matching sponsorship from the overseas schools

  1. Competitive salary

  2. Standard benefits (medical, dental insurance and others)

  3. J-1 Visa sponsorship

Application Procedures

  1. Interested institutions (schools) please send an official letter to indicate your interests in working with MOE, along with a “Request Form” to provide the following details: numbers of openings, qualifications (certification, language skill, degree and others), employment period, salary, benefits, Job description, working hours, target students and others. 

  2. MOE will announce the recruitment accordingly and the Education Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles (service areas include Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii and Guam) will forward application materials collected from candidates to the hiring institutions.

  3. Hiring institutions may set up interviews with the applicants and make the final selection directly from the approved list of candidates provided by MOE.

For further information, please contact

Interested universities or school districts should contact the Education Division at your nearest Taiwan representative office for assistance. U.S. counterpart institutes located in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii and Guam, please contact:

Education Division, TECO in Los Angeles 

Email: losangeles@mail.moe.gov.tw 

Tel: (213) 385-0512 


A native speaker brings an authentic and international perspective to the classroom– from which students, parents and educators can all be benefited. To better prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century, MOE also actively supports the “Taiwan Mandarin Chinese Teaching Assistants Program”. If your institution intends to bolster and accelerate language teaching and cultural experiences by recruiting widely recognized teaching assistants, or even establish an enriching educational exchange with a school in Taiwan, please contact Education Division for details.

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